About Me

I love health and wellness. Over time I have enjoyed running, biking, skiing and triathlons. I enjoy healthy eating and learning about nutrition. I’m a mindfulness advocate. I have been an energy healing practitioner in recent years. My licensed therapeutic bodywork allows me to help others support their health and wellness.

I practice the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach (MFR) and incorporate eastern style bodywork, using acupressure to work with fascia and client energy in the meridians and acupressure points of the body. Fascia is part of every structure and cell in the body. I work where your fascia is stuck.

I trained at East West Healing Arts Institute, learning eastern and western techniques in an 800 hour program. I love the mind-body-spirit approach of the eastern modalities.

I continue training with John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach ® (MFR). I’m excited to share this highly effective approach and see clients reap the benefits of healthier function.

My experience in electrical engineering and supporting sciences, working with another kind of energy, gives me additional perspective working with human energy systems. Hint: lots in common!

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